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Bulldozer - Off Road Willys Wagon

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Intercooler tubes are finished and installed

Painted the underside of the cage before putting it back on the Wagon

Cage was reinstalled and welded on for the final time. Gussets were also welded on

Just a random picture of the finished dash

I finished and painted the box around the shifter. I also made the top removable.

Decided that it was time to fire this engine up for the first time
Did a check over and hit the starter and instant to life

Sounded good and remembered how much diesels vibrate

Messed with the injection pump and went from "Slow under powered" to wow it goes now.
Turned the power screw in two turns from stock. It still had the collar on it so it had never been messed with. Joy to drive now, get up and goes, just a little gray haze in the exhaust on first take off.

This weekend Hang Time

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